Overview: Atmospheric Chemistry,  Atmosphere-Biosphere Interactions


寒冷圏海洋表層・陸域植生を起源とする大気有機エアロゾルを介した     大気‐生物圏の様々な生物地球化学的な相互作用の解明に関連する研究テーマに取り組んでいます。新たな大気有機エアロゾルの測定・化学分析手法も確立しながら、大気エアロゾルの観点からバルク・分子レベルでの炭素・窒素等の生物地球化学的物質循環や気候変動へ与える影響の理解を目指します。

Atmospheric aerosols play a key role in the Earth’s atmosphere, affecting the formation of clouds, the amount of trace gas species, and the radiative balance. We are focusing on biogeochemical interactions between atmosphere and biosphere (oceans and terrestrial vegetation) via different types of atmospheric aerosols and how they affect atmospheric processes and climate. Combining field and laboratory works, we aim to address main open questions, such as the climate and biogeochemical effects of aerosols both at bulk and molecular levels.



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Graduate School of Environme ntal Science, Hokkaido University


地球圏科学専攻/ 生物地球化学コース

Biogeochemistry Course / Division of Earth System Science